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Use of Data
For ordering and operations purposes, we collect only the following information about our users: name, address, organization, phone number, fax and email address. For promotions we collect other information to help us track the success of the promotion (i.e. how you learned about the offer).We use the name and email address to manage registrations. We do not sell or distribute that information to any third party. The Email Address, Zip Code, state, and country information is used to assess our needs in the way of technology, for the purposes of offering the best possible service to our world-wide customer base.

Use of Your Email Address
When you provide us with your email address during registration as a customer or make a purchase from us, we will occasionally send you email with recommendations or notices of new products, prices, and services. Separately, we send email to keep you informed about the status of your orders. These messages cannot be blocked. This email may include paid advertisements from third parties. At the time that you register or make a purchase, you will be given an opportunity to opt out of this service. If you do not initially choose to opt out, you may still block future email of this type, simply by following the instructions at the bottom of the update messages.

Information Security
All information gathered on our website is stored and maintained in secure facilities that limit access to authorized personnel only. Our personnel can only access the information through a series of access-control procedures. All employees are briefed about the company's privacy and security policies on a regular basis. The Web site is regularly tested for security breaches to ensure that all information collected is secure from unauthorized viewing.


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